A new personal website

When my old WordPress website broke down, I decided to make a fresh start using Hugo Academic

Although some say that in Hugo, a website can be built using R Studio in 10 minutes, for me this was only true for the very start of the website. It took me considerably longer, but from here it should be easy to update the website. And it does have more of a 2020 instead of a 2010 feel, don't you think?

For a quick walkthrough on how to use R Studio to build a Hugo website, see https://www.dsquintana.blog/free-website-in-r-easy/

For more information on Hugo Academic go to Github to help keep track of updates.

Peter Kerkhof
Professor of Social Media

My research interests include the use of the social media by organizations and consumers, and how social media use is related to personal and social wellbeing.